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Aries Horoscope

Aries March 21 - April 19

September 2009

Fire up your Fall cleaning, Aries. Your ruler Mars is in Cancer, your domestic sector, energizing your nesting instincts. You want a cozy home for Fall, and after a whirlwind August, you probably have piles and messes galore around the house. Until the 22nd, the neat-freak Virgo Sun hands you a mop and bucket, helping you put your life back in order. That includes your health, too. September is an important month to establish good habits – in everything from efficient scheduling to nutritious eating – which will carry you through the rest of the year.

When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, your closest relationships take the main stage. Although you’re perfectly comfortable rolling solo, it’s time to set aside your pioneering ways and explore the joys of partnership. With Mercury, planet of communication, going retrograde (backward) this month, you may have a little repair work to do with your sweetie. If you’ve exchanged unkind words, you should take a deep breath, apologize and start over. Be extra careful not to take out your stress on other people. Be patient and generous with yourself, and watch the perfectionism. Things rarely go as planned during Mercury retrograde, so the more flexible you can remain, the better.

There’s good news and bad news for September. On the upside, love planet Venus is in playful, passionate Leo until the 20th, making you quite the frisky one. It’s an especially good time for single Rams to explore the dating scene. Your mood will be optimistic and outgoing, and you’re willing to roll the dice. If nothing else, you could enjoy a steamy fling. Leo can be a dramatic force, and emotions and tempers will run high. An intense exchange could lead to near-instant seduction. Be prepared to slip into the shadows for a quickie or a hot-and-heavy makeout session. Naughty, naughty!

Now for the tricky part: from September 8th-18th, Mercury will be retrograde in Libra, your relationship sector. Mercury rules communication, and during this cycle, misunderstandings are nearly unavoidable. You’ll be quick to rip your partner a new one, so bear in mind that the stars are making you extra cranky and impatient with each other. Better to take a cold shower than to hurl insults and do a messy cleanup later. If you’ve been sweeping an issue under the rug, Mercury retrograde is a good time to talk about it, perhaps with the guidance of a counselor or mediator. You may also hear from an ex out of the blue. Is there still closure needed? Mercury retrograde is a good time to snuff out any torches either of you is carrying – or to reignite them if timing is now on your side!

The Pisces full moon on September 4th could be one of the most magical nights of the year. If you surrender to the flow instead of trying to control the outcome of events, you’ll find yourself guided to enchanting spaces and deep, soul-level connections. This is a day to give yourself over to that deeper, universal love, and to experience the one-ness of all humankind (cue the acoustic guitars for a round of “Kumbaya”). It’s also time to say farewell to unhealthy people – not just with words, but with your heart.

After a five-month slowdown, the pace picks up in your career again. On the 10th, transformational Pluto goes direct (forward) in Capricorn, your house of leadership and success. Many Aries began 2009 on an ambitious note, only to have the wind taken out of your sails after April. Now, you can resume your entrepreneurial efforts and trailblazing. You’re ready to get back to work and build something lasting.

In some ways, Pluto retrograde may have sheltered you from the more intense power dynamics at work. Now, simmering tension could rise above the surface, becoming open warfare. You don’t have to engage—in fact, we recommend you don’t. Be savvy and suss out why this person is so threatened by your actions or demeanor. Head to the bookstore and skim Sun Tzu’s The Art of War or the book How to Deal with Difficult People. It’s in your own best interest to sidestep conflict by navigating office politics with finesse.

Dodge the fire by spending September getting organized. With the Sun in Virgo, you’ll have plenty of paperwork, filing or routine tasks to accomplish. Start early to avoid extra stress during the second half of September. When Mercury retrograde slides back into Virgo September 18th-28th, you could find yourself drowning in details, or forced to finish mind-numbing tasks with no cutting corners allowed. It’s a good time to clean out your Inbox and purge any old documents or clutter.

This part of your chart is one of the most favored in September. The Virgo Sun warms up your health and fitness sector until the 22nd. It’s a great time to get active and start new, empowering habits that will carry you through the winter. You’re not doomed to pack on holiday pounds and end up feeling sluggish. A little winter padding can be healthy, but if you set up your life properly now, it won’t have to come from butter, sugar and flour. Start experimenting with healthy holiday recipes now, or weaning yourself off caffeine and junk food addictions. With Pluto going direct on the 10th in your structured tenth house, sticking to a routine will be much easier now.

The Virgo new moon on the 18th is a great kickoff day for a dedicated health effort. However, Mercury retrograde until the 28th means you’ll spend the first part of your campaign eliminating bad habits and clearing space for a new lifestyle. Attack your kitchen first. Scrub it to a gleam, donate old canned goods, and toss any temptations loaded with trans fat and chemicals. Switch from refined flours and sugars to complex grains and whole foods that don’t stick to your arteries on the way down. Go green when you clean: swap to non-toxic and environmentally safe products. Then, empty your closets and personal files of anything you no longer wear, need or use. You’ll feel like a new person when you lighten your load.

The one day to flag is September 15th. A tense Saturn-Uranus opposition could overload your circuits, causing you to have an anxiety attack. You may be pushed beyond your limits or simply overwhelmed to the point of tears. Don’t flip out on everyone around you, Aries, or internalize the stress. It will only manifest as a physical condition if you do. Take a personal day and tend to your needs, or schedule a long-overdue checkup. Easy does it!

Lucky Days: September 7, 24
Money Days: September 1, 10
Love Days: September 16, 21
Off Days: September 5, 18

- Horoscopes provided by The AstroTwins


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